What's The Song In The Best Buy Intel 2-In-1 Commercial? It's By One Half Of A Now-Defunct Music Duo — VIDEOS

In a new Best Buy TV spot, a little girl, her older brother, and the family's Intel 2-in-1 tablet join forces to make a frittata for their parents. It's awww-dorable. As the eggs are cracked, the timer is set, and the utensil holders are knocked over, a sweet, poppy tune plays. It sounds like something you might hear at Anthropologie while deciding between a wasp comb and a chair upholstered in fur. (You know, just one of those shopping days when you're dying to get rid of $1k. The money is just so heavy!) Naturally, I had to find out the name of the song and the artist responsible. I called upon Shazam, my most trusted sidekick in all “What might that music gracing my ears be?” matters, and I had an answer before I could start daydreaming about buying the right combination of candles to make my apartment smell like a fancy shabby chic clothing store: The song in the Best Buy commercial is “Up Means Down” by Joy Williams.

Williams, who was one half of The Civil Wars until the Grammy Award-winning duo broke up for good in 2014, has been releasing solo stuff for years. "Up Means Down" is on the singer-songwriter's 2009 double album Songs From This/Songs From That. You can listen to it here:


Image: Best Buy/YouTube