Kanye And North West Apparently Owned Fashion Week

One could argue that only a handful of moments truly cause a stir at Fashion Week. Whether a designer pulled an unexpected stunt on the runway or an audience member ignited a cacophony of whispers, attendees can often point to these poignant moments years or even decades down the line. Unfortunately, Fall 2015 Fashion Week's most memorable moments had absolutely nothing to do with style and everything to do with the media circus that is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's life together.

According to Tumblr, both Kanye and his young daughter drew more attention than every other runway show combined due to their similarly questionable antics. Kanye West put on a subdued and ultimately uninspiring show for Adidas Originals, and his young daughter North West was reduced to sobs watching it. While any social media user will have his or her own definition of the term "newsworthy," North West nevertheless made headlines for being the unhappiest guest sitting front row at Fashion Week while her parents scrambled to make sure the nearby Anna Wintour wasn't disturbed. If you need any proof of the cry that was heard around the world, simply read on for the top 20 Tumblr posts of Fashion Week.

1. North West's Tears

Nothing is quite so gauche at Fashion Week as a sobbing toddler in the front row.

2. North West's Tears In GIF Form

In GIF form, North West's meltdown is akin to watching a car crash in slow motion, repeatedly.

3. Kanye West's Nude Bodystockings For Adidas Originals

In theory, I wish to know the impetus behind Kanye West's nude body stocking, and then I recall the rapper's tendency towards oddly self-congratulatory explanations.

4. Jamie Brewer Owning The Runway At Carrie Hammer

Thank goodness actress and Carrie Hammer role model Jamie Brewer saved Fashion Week from becoming completely consumed with North West's antics.

5. Anna Wintour Unwittingly Serving As North West's Headrest

Perhaps the most trying five minutes of Anna Wintour's life occurred when she was seated next to North West at the Adidas show.

6. Kanye West Pretending That North West's Screams Are Endearing

Such is the plight of new parents that they must pretend their child's screams are adorable.

7. Drake And Chantelle Winnie's Photo Booth Session

Amidst the Fashion Week mayhem came a series of quirky photos featuring Drake and model Chantelle Winnie.

8. Kim Kardashian Pouting In Kanye West For Adidas Duds

Even Kim Kardashian appeared to be physically repulsed by her husband's designs.

9. Kanye West Becoming Unexpectedly Devout During An Interview

For perhaps the first time, Kanye appeared deferential during an interview instead of criticizing others.

10. North West Speaking The Truth At Kanye's Adidas Show

One creative Tumblr user created a political cartoon out of North's quickly muffled meltdown to great comedic effect.

11. Amina Blue And Other Models

Model Amina Blue sported a skin-baring, fitness-inspired ensemble during Kanye West's show.

12. Kanye's Adidas Models From Backstage

Perhaps an audience member believed that West's creations appeared more inspired from the back. From this image, it seems they don't.

13. Kanye's West Front Row Modeling His Adidas Wares

Those deemed important audience members sported Kanye West's designs from the Adidas collection.

14. An Illustrated, Bawling North West Using Anna Wintour As A Headrest

A pop art-inspired rendition of North's meltdown provided a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the incident.

15. Diddy And Jay-Z Looking Unimpressed By Kanye's Adidas Collection

A fur-clad Diddy and frowning Jay-Z peered critically at the collection.

16. Rihanna, Cassie, Diddy, And Jay-Z Looking Unimpressed By Kanye's Adidas Collection

Perhaps everyone in the audience appeared exceptionally unimpressed by Kanye's collection, with the exception of an irate North.

17. A Pre-Sob North West At Kanye's Adidas Show

North appeared only reactive when Kanye's Adidas collection was present. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from the toddler's taste.

18. Rihanna Rocking An Inky Lip At Fashion Week

A poised Rihanna sported a swipe of ebony lipstick on the Fashion Week sidelines.

19. Nicki Minaj Offering North West A Hand At Fashion Week

A riveted North took Nicki Minaj's hand before the Adidas Originals show.

20. North West Looking Terrified At The Paparazzi

Yet another lesson to be learned from North's reactions to external stimuli was the child's apparent fear of the paparazzi.

Images: Tumblr