Another Osbourne Baby Is On The Way

Remember when we used to get an inside look at the daily lives of the Osbourne family during their MTV reality show? Those were the days. Now that the famous fam has moved on, it's still exciting to get updates about what they're up to, especially when it's good news. On Sunday, Jack Osbourne announced his wife is expecting a second child. He posted the most adorable Instagram photo of his wife Lisa, her baby bump, and their daughter Pearl, along with the caption:

Supprise!!!!! #round2 #babyinbound

Besides that, he included a link to his wife Lisa's blog, RaddestMom.com. On the blog, Lisa writes:

I’m pregnant! Pearl is very happy to become a big sister. She diligently reads her “I’m a big sister” books every night & recites to me her plans of bathing, feeding, singing to, and holding the baby. We are more than halfway through this thing & are very excited to be parents again! Thanks for all the well wishes :)

How cute is that?! It sounds like Pearl will be the best big sister, and Jack and Lisa prove to be amazing parents based on that statement alone. The fact that their daughter is already so prepped for the new baby shows what a loving family they have. Plus, Kelly Osbourne is bound to be an awesome aunt, and same goes for Ozzie and Sharon as grandparents.

It's especially heartwarming and exciting to hear that another baby is on the way for the Osbournes. Back in 2013, Lisa Osbourne suffered a miscarriage, which she bravely opened up about on her blog.

Wishing this family all the best and a huge congrats on the baby news! And in case you want further proof that they're going to be great parents, here are some more adorable photos of Pearl from Jack's Instagram. Trust me, they're ridiculously cute!