William Shatner's New Music Video Is Something Mere Mortals Will Never Understand

I don't understand this music video, nor do I pretend to. This music video, much like William Shatner's entire career, cannot be understood by mere mortals, or even really anyone who isn't on William Shatner's level. And you know who's on William Shatner's level? That's right. Only William Shatner. All we can do with this music video is sit back, squint as we watch, and enjoy the genius — or insanity, either way. I don't know what this is. The title says it's William Shatner's new music video for "Ponder the Mystery," though, so let's go with that.

What is "Ponder the Mystery," you ask? Oh, it's only William Shatner's first single from his upcoming progessive rock album, also titled Ponder the Mystery, that features Rick Wakeman of YES, Robby Krieger of The Doors, George Duke, and Steve Vai. THAT'S ALL. This music video mostly just features Shatner saying things I can't understand while questions like, "Where are we going?" and, "Are we alone" flash across the screen. Like I said, it's pretty much incomprehensible, but, like I said, this not something we are meant to understand.

You can check out Shatner's video below — the perfect WTF to end your Wednesday with.

Official William Shatner Page on YouTube