11 Times Babies Looked Like Us After A Night Out

Babies mostly look either like adorable, malformed potatoes or grumpy old men. They also sometimes look like drunk adults, which is absolutely the best way for a baby to look. Whether they're nodding off while sitting up, slurring their words, or laughing at nothing for hours, babies can pretty much be interchanged with us and our friends after any given rowdy night of going out. Yes, drunk equals baby, no matter what age you are (eh, but mostly in your 20s, let's be honest). We come into this world as dribbling, gurgling, pantsless morons, and eventually we get old enough to legally imbibe beverages that revert us to our original state. When you think about it like that, partying starts to seem a little goofy, doesn't it? And by "goofy", I mean "pretty stupid". And by "pretty stupid", I mean "let's go to happy hour later, okay?"

When babies look like us after a night out, at least they look cute. A pint-sized human barely able to formulate thoughts mashing their face into a cake or randomly losing their balance while just standing around in the kitchen eating toast is much more adorable than an adult doing the same thing. Actually, it's straight-up heartbreaking in the best way, whereas the full-sized version tends to be kind of pathetic (but also quite funny if it's your friend and not you). But back to the babies: Their actions can often epitomize what we, the useless adults, look like after a night out, either stumbling home or waking up the next morning, completely disorientated. Take a look at these twelve babies who are basically us after a night on the town:

1. This baby who is us after we stayed out all night and couldn't even keep our eyes open

2. This baby who is us when we got home drunk and danced around our rooms to Beyonce while having a nightcap

3. These babies who are us when we got home and made a drunk snack

4. This baby who is us when we got home and took all our clothes off and attacked leftover cake

5. This baby who is us when our friends had to hold our hair back

6. This baby who is us giving up on life when we're hungover

7. This baby who is us when we're so deliriously tired that everything is funny and we can't get our shit together because we're laughing too much at nothing

8. This baby who is us at the bar when it's definitely time to go home

9. This baby who is us waking up in the morning and trying to figure out what happened

10. This baby who is us watching Steel Magnolias when we're hung over

11. This baby who is us just trying to make it in the front door