Dakota Fanning Won't Choose A Favorite Olsen Twin

Man, I don't get occasion to say this every day, but it must really suck to be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Sure, you have money and fame and basically everything you could ever want in life, but you also have a twin, and you live in a world where people are so fascinated by that fact that you're never really taken seriously as an individual. Case in point — Dakota Fanning was on a Feb. 24 episode of Watch What Happens Live, and a caller phoned into the show to ask which of the Olsen twins Fanning would most like to be best friends with. Sure, it's an interesting question, and if I'm being honest with myself, all I want in life is to sit in a room with the Olsens and stare at them until I can tell the difference between their personalities, but c'mon!

First of all, Fanning isn't really tight with the twins; instead, she's way closer with their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, with whom she starred in Very Good Girls:

Here's the thing: their younger sister Lizzie is who I know the best. We went to the same high school, we have a lot of mutual friends, and we did a film together.

In fact, Fanning doesn't even really know Mary Kate and Ashley, so this was basically the equivalent of asking her which of a pair of two sisters is her favorite:

I've only truly met them a couple of times. I don't think I know them well enough to answer that question.

Good for you, lady! Way to wriggle away from that strangely-common query! "You're asking me to choose between the two of them? Well how about neither?" It's the only real answer, and the one ask-ers have been getting for years.

So yeah, she did a great job... really makes me glad I chose Dakota over Elle as my favorite Fanning sister. OH NO I JUST DID THE SAME THING I'M PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!