This Video Explains What's Wonderful About Coffee

Let me just say that I had to pause in watching the following video to make a coffee, so thoroughly does it articulate the greatness of coffee. The video, “Coffee: Six Degrees of Caffeination” by James Casey and Nowness, is a perfect summation of not only why coffee is so wonderful, but why coffee culture in New York has such a compelling mythology attached to it. If you didn't think your morning fix of caffeine could be described whimsically, think again: Nowness has capture coffee in such a romantic light, you'll never look at your morning brew the same way again.

Interviewing coffee drinkers, coffee makers, and my favorite, a coffee/food truck guy, the piece really gives the beloved hot beverage a distinct personality, and a context in which to see exactly how your relationship with coffee stacks up. That's right, YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH COFFEE. I said it. Coffee is officially the sixth character in this TV show we call life. Forget the city—It's the coffee that really complicates your life, brings you boundless highs and endless lows, and, when all is said and done, is relentlessly, beautifully there for you. Oh wow. I'm really getting into the spirit of this video now. Watch below, fall in love with the coffee in your mug all over again:

The following are some more important sentiments about coffee that we all share:

1. "Get in my belly"

2. "I just can't quit you"

3. "How you doin'?

4. "I'm so fancy!"

5. "I choo-choo-choose you!"

6. "Ooo heaven is a place on earth"

Images: Pexels/Burst; Giphy (6)