Kanye Apologizes To Beck & Bruno Mars On Twitter, But His Apology Has Some Ulterior Motives

Kanye West publicly disses people before he's even arrived at an opinion of his own, but at least he's open to revision and, lately, apology. After calling out Beck for winning the Grammy over Beyoncé, the rapper revealed that he hadn't actually listened to Morning Phase beforehand. Now, he's gone even further, publicly apologizing to the artist on Twitter. And West didn't stop there. He went on to apologize to Bruno Mars, whom he now claims to respect. West has lashed out at Mars multiple times, criticizing him for winning "all the awards," but now West wants to collaborate with him.

Kanye has said that his new status as a family man has made him calmer, and this apology is in keeping with that. West rarely does anything that seems disingenuous. While he is theatrical, the emotions seem real; while the rants are heartfelt, so are the apologies. West has lately used Twitter to support his rap family, congratulating Common, John Legend, and Chris Brown on recent successes. However, he also used it to go on a rant about how hard it is to break into the designing world as a... super famous person. Turning over a new leaf can be hard.

It's been rumored that West and Taylor Swift might be collaborating on a song; the two have long since made up after the infamous 2009 VMAs incident. This has made me think: can Kanye just make an apology album, full of collaborative tracks with those he's wronged over the years? He can't always seem to control his temper, so why not come up with an excuse for all occasions: a guest spot on his new album? We've already got Bruno Mars, T-Swift. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Kimmel could also appear, though I'm not sure how Fern Mallis would be incorporated. Could be a lovely, cathartic experience for everyone. Almost as cathartic as this:

Image: Luxx-Life/Tumblr