"Ya Boy Bill Nye" Is The King Of Parody Twitters

Mine is a house that does not take the brilliance of Bill Nye lightly. I remember once, when I was five and my brother was six, we were late coming home from swim practice and my brother realized he had missed Bill Nye the Science Guy. He sat down on the bottom step of our staircase, tucked his little head between his knees, and quietly bawled as if someone had just told him he had three weeks to live. As we all grew up, the obsession only grew stronger. As adults, we have come to appreciate that not only was Bill Nye the lovable science geek who schooled us as kids, but he is also a certifiable badass with a delightfully endearing potty mouth.

What's especially remarkable about Bill Nye is his ability to adapt to whatever is "hip and cool" with us fickle millennials for the sake of teaching science (as demonstrated by the time he explained evolution using emojis). So it only makes sense that he should have a presence on Twitter. But because even that isn't enough Bill Nye for this very demanding world, someone has made a parody account called "Ya Boy Bill Nye" for all of your miscellaneous fake Bill Nye needs. It's raunchy, it's ridiculous, and most importantly, it's full of ~science~. In case you aren't already following this super inappropriate gem of an account, here is a preview to prepare you for what will happen if you do: