Leave Whitney’s Voice Alone, 'Bachelor' Fans — I Shouldn't Have To Say This, But It’s Messed Up To Tease Her

Ever since we first heard Whitney Bischoff’s voice in the premiere of The Bachelor, some fans have been hating on it non-stop. Of course, I can’t lie to you and say that I wasn’t a part of the Whitney voice-bashing — after episode one I tweeted (rudely) about it, but as the season went on I had a change of heart and felt bad that everyone was bashing on this woman for something she literally has zero control over. I think it’s time that we stop making fun of Whitney’s voice because it's not just cool to give this girl a hard time for something like this.

But I'm guessing that even if everyone continues to be horrible to her about something like this, Whitney will be OK. We are down to Whitney and Becca as the season finale of The Bachelor approaches. While I like Becca, she just doesn't seem to serious about making a relationship between her and Chris work, but Whitney has been open to falling in love from the start and making a life with Chris. She knows she wants to be a mother and a wife and if she wants to put that before her career, then good for her. I've got my money on Whitney taking that final rose with gusto.

But win or lose, it’s mean to make fun of Whitney's voice or anyone's voice for that matter. It's especially awful considering what an awesome person Whitney has shown herself to be. We really should be cheering her on for the things that she’s done over the season (and you know, for all the babies she brought into this world). Plus, her voice really isn’t anything to write home about, so get over it, people.

Instead, let's talk about all the wonderful things about Whitney, like...

She Helps Women Become Mothers For A Living

You are making fun of someone who helps women have babies. She literally makes people happy for a living. Not that many people can say that.

Whitney Is The Most Mature Person On The Show

When Jordan came back and everyone was being super rude about it, Whitney took the highest road possible and while she was upset Chris was considering bringing her back, she was never rude about it nor did she say something mean about Jordan.

She Is A Sweetheart

OK, so Whitney and Chris didn't technically crash a wedding, but she is still fun and spontaneous for going along with the plan and having fun.

Whitney Never Talked S—t About Anyone

While Carly’s humor toward everyone else was pretty funny, Whitney was always sweet toward people, even when they were being untruthful with Chris, or whatever the situation was. She never stooped so low to make fun of everyone.

Finally, She Owns That Voice

Moral of the story here? Back off her voice because Whitney is awesome.

Images: Richard Carlson/ABC; Jean Whiteside/ABC