5 Reasons 'Preachers of LA' Is Trending So Highly Right Now

Once again, we have received both the worst of humanity and the best of television with Oxygen's new series, Preachers of LA. The series centers on pastors from all different congregations across Southern California who are leading fly and fancy lives whilst also fielding baby mama drama, Bentleys, and crises of faith. Just an average day in the church, right? Well, regardless of how this morally questionable program makes us feel about pastors, faith, and wealthiness, it's been a huge hit on social media, trending highly for a show about God. (Then again, there is a reason Duck Dynasty continues to dominate headlines... )

Now, obviously, any pastor with a pimp 'stache wearing chains as he preaches the word of the Lord is going to get our attention, but what exactly is it about Preachers of LA that has so captivated us? Is it the Gospel? Or is it the uncomfortable juxtaposition of money, power, and religion that has us glued to our seats? I haven't quite decided yet, but here's a rundown of some guesses as to why we will watch every single episode of Preachers of LA, despite potentially hating it or feeling conflicted.

1) Pastors Fucking Bitches, Getting Money

Literally both of those things are true. Pastor Deitrick Haddon starts this episode off with a drama about how he had a baby out of wedlock, and how he needs to come clean about it. Well... buddy, if you can't keep it in your pants 'til marriage, how are other people supposed to?

2) It Makes Us Think About the Repercussions of Religion and Wealth

Because something really feels wrong the entire time. Yes, these pastors work hard, but there is something extremely distasteful about watching a man of God drive home in a vintage convertible with expensive jewelry strewn across every limb. It's not that religious folks don't have the right to success, it's that this success comes from the pockets of what appear to be less-than-wealthy congregations, and that feels very wrong indeed.

3) These Guys Have Reinterpreted The Bible To Suit Their Needs

Seriously, these dudes make Pensatucky from Orange Is The New Black look like a normal worshipper. They are a disturbing example of how texts can be reinterpreted to mean pretty much anything, and it's hard to do anything but sit back and watch as these pastors use the Bible to make their materialistic lifestyles sensible in the eyes of the Lord. I'm no Christian but isn't charity sort of meant to be a big deal in the church? Ah well, guess I've just read the book alllll wrong.

4) The Man Cave

Oh yeah, because ya know, having several offices in churches wasn't sufficient for pastors meetings. No, they have a man cave, which is not a room, but rather an entire home that Reverend Gibson owns just because. Nope, no excessive wealth here though.

5) The Premise That This Show Will Spread The Word Of God

Errmm... I'm sure I won't be the first to point this out, but this show makes an open mockery of the Church more or less, so it'll be spreading a lot of things, but I'm not sure believe in the Church is going to be one of them. Believers, proceed with caution.

Image: Oxygen