'Connected' Is AOL's First Long-Form Docu-Drama Series — This Is Not A Drill

Get ready to get Connected, without all those pesky dial-up tones: AOL is partnering with Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock to produce it's first longform docu-drama. Yes, THAT AOL. The company that only your parents still use in earnest, where several of your embarrassing AIM screen names have long been put to rest. What a time it is to be alive.

Connected, produced by Spurlock is slated to be a twenty episodes series with four episodes released weekly, starting March 31st. All of these episodes will document the intertwining lives of prominent real life New Yorkers, including everyone from actress Susan Sarandon to comedian Derek Gaines. It'll all be a part of AOLoriginals.com, which, for the uninformed is a land of of Sarah Jessica Parker-produced shows on ballet and clips of Nicole Richie.

This is all well and good, but I'm sure you're still wondering, why is this happening, and when did this all happen? Apparently AOL has been picking up a slew of original web series since 2013. It's my presumption that AOL wanted to go the way of Yahoo! and rebrand with original and adopted streamable content, seeing bigger bucks in that than... whatever email service they're currently offering.

In any case, it sounds like a cool enough venture, and I'm looking forward to AOL being associated for more than never-ending sign-on noises, the Huffington Post, and a screen name that may or may not have been MGAnimePrincess.