'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Star Jamie Dornan's Next Role Involves Killing Nazis — Say Goodbye To Christian Grey

I've seen actors completely change trajectories in their careers before, but perhaps never quite so sharply as Jamie Dornan. He and his shirtless torso are currently dazzling moviegoers all over the world as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, and now we're finding out that Jamie Dornan's next movie is... a World War II thriller. Hang on a second, gotta wait for my head to stop spinning, because that's not what I was expecting. So you're telling me that the guy I just watched woodenly try to rustle up chemistry with Dakota Johnson (and the movie itself) is now gonna be doing the exact opposite with Nazi soldiers? That's a lot to take in. Also, just want to verify — the opposite of 'rustling up chemistry' is 'straight up murdering', right? Just wanted to make sure I didn't mess that up.

The film is called Anthropoid, and Dornan will star opposite Cillian Murphy as one of a pair of Czech soldiers who were assigned the mission of assassinating real-life Nazi general Reinhard Heydrich. He was known as "The Butcher of Prague", and alongside Adolf Hitler, was one of the chief architects of the Holocaust, and responsible for orchestrating the deportation and extermination of millions of Jews. In short, pretty different content from a PG-13 BDSM love story that sprung from Twilight fan fiction.

We get it, Dornan — it's time to take you seriously in your next project. Just good luck scrubbing all the Fifty Shades memes and GIFs from the internet. Pretty sure those are with you for life.