'Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer Stars In Hozier's "Someone New" Music Video & Goes On A Fantastical Journey — VIDEO

She's had Tumblr under her spell for a while now, but with the combination of her roles as Margaery Tyrell in Game Of Thrones and Cressida in the final two Hunger Games movies, Natalie Dormer is probably about to be everywhere in a way she never has been before. We should really all just welcome this with open arms, because I've got a feeling it's what's best for the universe. The latest manifestation of this is in the new music video for Hozier's single "Someone New," which stars Dormer.

One of my favorite music video tropes is the one in which the focus is not on the singer of the song in question, but rather on some third, compelling party as they go through whatever journey is most relevant to the song. And no, this is no "Chandelier," but Dormer's certainly in a relatable place here: She's feeling some serious FOMO, fantasizing about a more exciting life by picturing herself in more intimate situations with the people around her. And hell, who wouldn't want Dormer around for their night out on the town? This video's a small part of the proof that Dormer should be everywhere — the rest of the proof being everything else she does.

It takes a special energy to keep us compelling through a wordless performance, but that's what happens when Dormer takes us on her journey.

Maybe It's The Power Of That Backlighting

Dat profile.

Maybe It's The Intimacy Of This Close-Up

All up close and personal.

But We Follow Her Through Multiple Flirtations

Who Wouldn't Flirt With Natalie Dormer, Amirite?

And, Well, A Lot Of Makeouts

A Sizable Number Of Makeouts

An Impressive Number, Really

It Just Keeps Going

I cannot complain.

And At The End Of The Day It's All In Her Head

But It's A Mighty Good Head

And who hasn't fantasized about making out with that hot person on public transit?

Images: HozierVEVO/Youtube