Jennifer Garner's Kids Don't Like Some of Her Movie Roles For This Adorable Reason

It's easy to see why an actor's partner might be jealous of their onscreen love interest. Sure, they may be playing a part in a fictional story, but it can't exactly be fun watching the person you're intimate with get intimate with someone else, even if it's all part of a performance — just ask Jamie Dornan's wife what she thinks of 50 Shades of Grey. But romantic partners aren't the only people to get jealous of watching a fictional scenario — according to an E! News interview with Jennifer Garner, her kids get jealous when she plays a certain character onscreen, too, and it has nothing to do with who she's dating.

"They don't like it when I play a mom," the actress confessed to E! News. According to Garner her children — Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel — don't like it when she hangs out with other kids on movie sets because, well, they get a little jealous. I actually don't blame her kids at all — if I had a famous parent who I watched mother some strangers onscreen, I'm not sure my still-growing self would know how to process it. I mean, have you seen The Odd Life of Timothy Green? That movie is adorable and Garner is pretty much the most perfect onscreen mom ever. If I were one of her real kids, I'd be pretty darn jealous of all the time her character is spending with Timothy Green — even if he is secretly a plant.

I'm sure in time Garner's kids will learn to understand that their mom is simply acting like a mom, and not actually a mother to her onscreen "kids." Maybe their dad, Ben Affleck, can teach them a thing or two about overcoming his own jealousy from all of those onscreen love interests.

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