Britney Loses Her Extensions During Concert

Odds are when you put on a regular Vegas show, once in a very great while, something is bound to go awry — an unfortunate fact that Britney Spears has come to know first hand. You see, Us Weekly explains that mid-performance, Britney Spears had her hair extensions fall out of her head in an exodus of sorts. It's about as horrifying as it seems, especially if you've ever worn hair extensions and you know the constant anxiety that this very situation will take place.

The bright side in this whole potentially humiliating moment is that Spears pulled a total Madonna à la "The Cape" incident at the 2015 Brit Awards. As Us Weekly reports, "The former Mouseketeer continued her performance with the utmost professionalism, seemingly oblivious to the addition of a blonde tail on the back of her outfit."

Sure, a lesser person might have freaked out that her hair jumped ship mid rendition of, "Do Something" but whatevs, she didn't need that mop of hair anyway. Worse things have most certainly happened and at least the Princess of Pop didn't injure herself in any way. Although, OK, her ego may be a bit bruised.

You can view the whole incident below, and though it's a short clip you can still see that Brit Brit doesn't give a damn about some fake hair when she's got a show to put on. Her time in Vegas has been nothing short of amazing and I'm sure she's taking this in stride. You go, girl.

Her life is going too well for her to care about something as trivial as this, don't you think?

Because clearly, she's been super happy

She's been spending her downtime hanging with dolphins

...And Steven Tyler

She's been extremely family oriented

She had an amazing Valentine's Day

She has her own lingerie line out

And, she's in a great relationship

So, in the scheme of things, pesky uncooperative hair extensions rank real low.