Artist Uses iPhone To Recreate Classic Movie Moments, Proving That Cinema Is All Around Us — PHOTOS

I love the world of movies. Immersing myself in a story for two hours is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm always a little sad to return to reality after the credits roll. But now French artist Francois Dourlen is using his iPhone to recreate movie scenes, and it just goes to show us that film is all around if we use our imagination.

Dourlen uses everyday objects and the setting around him to depict scenes from your favorite films and television shows. But rather than traveling to the exact location where an event took place and recreating the scene there, he's transformed them into everyday occurrences. Suddenly the picture of Thor on his phone is positioned to hammer in a real life nail. Or half a yellow bucket is topped with his iPhone displaying a minion's head from Despicable Me. Now Snow White reaches up for the Apple logo on a laptop computer.

Dourlen has created whole series of these unique pictures including everything from classic film moments to beloved TV characters. The artist takes his everyday life and turns it into the world of film and television using only his phone, a camera, and some creativity.

It's hard to explain how mesmerizing the images are with words, so here are some of his best ones for you to look at instead.

Thor's Mighty Hammer

Dancing John Travolta Sign

Yellow Bucket Minion

Walt and His Meth-Mobile

Dexter the Meat Man

If Titanic Made it to Shore

RyGos at the Drive-Through

Edward Scissorhands Helping Out With Dinner

The Spider-Man Kiss

Snow White and Her Poisoned Apple

It's amazing how mundane objects and everyday scenery can be transformed if you look at it the right way. It turns out that life is a lot more fun if you see John Travolta dancing than just a regular yellow sign. So take a leaf out of Dourlen's book and open your eyes to all the movies around you. And for some inspiration check out the rest of Dourlen's work here.

Image: francoisdourlen/Instagram