Ariana Grande Is The Best At Surprising Fans

After making appearances all over the place and releasing one chart-topping song after another, Ariana Grande's much-awaited Honeymoon Tour is finally underway. (Arianators, rejoice!) During the singer’s stop in Chicago on Tuesday night, Ariana Grande surprised her Honeymoon Tour fan attendees with the first live performance of her new track "Adore" with Cashmere Cat. And here's something that sweetened the deal even further — the Arianators were treated to photo booth meet-and-greet. Now if this isn't evidence that she doesn't absolutely adore her fans, what else is there?

Well, actually there's plenty more to contradict those incessant rumors that peg Grande as an over-the-top, demanding diva who wants her fans to die. For the naysayers, it may be tempting to believe that Grande mistreats her fans, that is, if those who side-eye Grande’s innocent doe-eyed look and choose to buy into the belief that she could’ve been a serial killer, or that she prefers to be carried everywhere.

But why believe those absurd stories about someone who spends so much of her time spreading love and positivity to her followers? Contrary to the rumors, it doesn't take much to uncover proof that the singer's actually really kind and thoughtful to her fans.

Check out 7 of Ari's grandest gestures towards her Arianators:

She Uses Social Media to Uplift Her Fans

C'mon guys, would a huge diva take time out from snapping selfies to help uplift her fans?

She Surprises Them With Performances

Fresh off her Saturday Night Live performance, Grande shocked clubgoers with an impromptu show.

She Stops Her Fans From Fighting

Kudos to Grande for daring to intervene in those cutthroat social media feuds.

She Gives Arianators the Behind-the-Scenes Details

In what the singer refers to as the "Honeymoon Diaries," Grande lets fans in on some of her most intimate moments, like giving them a play-by-play of what happened when she "almost died" on stage.

She Spends Time With Fans (After Leaving Taylor Swift's House!)

Ari showed off her nurturing side by snapping photos with fans, making small talk and telling them to stay warm. Too sweet!

She Compliments Her Fans — in Japanese

Aside from doling out awesome advice on Twitter and Instagram, Grande is constantly letting her fans know how cute they are, even if it's in a foreign language.

She Made a Makeup Tutorial For Arianators

Since Arianators were dying to know exactly how Grande gets her look, the singer took time out to grant their request with a step-by-step YouTube video, despite claiming that she doesn't know how to do makeup.

Image: Giphy