Disney's 'Avatar' Theme Park Gets Its First Official Concept Art, & Of Course It's Gorgeous


Because the gazillions of dollars they made on the movie the first time around was definitely not enough (duh), Disney is still moving forward with its plans for an  Avatar theme park. It's kind of gorgeous, even if we still groan when people mention Avatar to us.

Unveiled today on the Disney Parks blog, the Avatar theme park is promising to be an experience. As Parks chairman Tom Staggs wrote in his introduction of the concept art, "[the] team has taken huge steps forward in “imagineering” Pandora as a real place for our guests to see, hear and touch."

Alright, we admit it, this stuff is kind of gorgeous. Of course it is; Avatar, for all its flaws, was visually stunning. It all sounds kind of amazing, we admit it.

We just wonder if the weird tendril sex scene will play any part.

(Probably not)

Images: Disney