User Uploads 52 Pornographic Videos From A Canadian Public Library, Because One "Library Girl" Wasn't Enough

Apparently public libraries aren't as boring as you remember from elementary school. Earlier this year, user "lilsecrett" uploaded 52 videos from a public library in Windsor, Canada, and it's making the headlines this week as police begin an investigation into the sex shows. CBC News discovered the videos, which were filmed in multiple locations between November of 2014 and late January, when the woman was asked to leave after a staff member noticed her taking inappropriate photos, Cosmopolitan reports. Several videos show the unnamed woman halting her show to interact with other library users, including children, before resuming after they leave. Even though the videos are all still archived online, criminal charges can't be filed unless the police can demonstrate that she had the "intent to insult or offend any person," according to CBC News. However, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens is calling for an investigation into how the woman managed to go undetected for almost three months, stating that the libraries "need the benefit of the full investigation to make sure we understand exactly what this person was able to do," after which they will "

take the appropriate steps to make sure it doesn't happen again." A library staff member called the videos "very disturbing," and seemed baffled by how the woman managed to bypass the internet security and get to the porn website in the first place.

<img alt="" src="" class="article-body-image" title="Image:"/>In the meantime, police are urging anyone to come forward with information that could help the investigation. Cosmopolitan reports that the woman has been let go from for "violating company policy"... although the videos are still for sale online, so clearly they're not that upset about the videos. Don't be too worried about the newly unemployed woman's fate, though. Kendra Sunderland, a.k.a. the "Library Girl" who similarly made an adult film in Oregon State's library last year, signed a contract with Penthouse just a few days ago, so I doubt she'll stay unemployed for long.All the same, isn't there a better place to make your adult films? One where The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde isn't quietly judging you from the background? Actually, who am I kidding — Oscar Wilde would have thought this was hilarious.Image: umichadmissions/Tumblr