This Mobile Library Looks Like A Tank And There's Really Nothing Not To Love About This — VIDEO

Guys, I found Ms. Frizzle's brother, and he is every bit as kooky and lovable as you imagined he would be. Raul Lemon may not have a flying school bus that can shrink smaller than a human cell and violate the digestive system of one of your classmates, but he does have something arguably even better: He has crafted a mobile library out of a Ford Falcon that he calls a "Weapon Of Mass Instruction". He basically carts himself around town being the superhero you always wished existed, handing out free books to the masses and making a name for himself as the resident mobile librarian of Argentina.

The project was a team effort of the 7UP #FeelsGoodToBeYou campaign to celebrate World Book Day on March 5, just one of many adorable celebrations that took place that day. (If you haven't seen the winning Book Day costumes that hit the internet, HAVE FUN nerding out). Lemon, who is known as a bit of an enigma in his neighborhood, set to the feat of fashioning his militia-inspired moving library without telling anyone what it was. I'm betting even in their wildest guesses of what was going on in his super secret garage were no match for the awesome thing that actually came out of it.

Lemon emphasizes that he most loves to share books with the younger crowd, handing them out at schools or in playgrounds, even stopping in crowded streets and running up to buses to hand them to eager people through open windows. The bookmobile can carry around 900 books at a time, and he carries everything from poetry to biographies to history, so there's a little bit of something in there for everyone.

There is so much about this that I love that I'm probably just going to need to take the rest of the week off and fly to Argentina to meet this mad scientist of books. Here's the video telling his bizarre and beautiful story of how the "Weapon of Mass Instruction" came to be:

Images: Giphy, VEVO