An Aretha Franklin & Ariana Grande Duet Would Be One Amazing Musical Collaboration

I want you to close your eyes and think of the weirdest musical duo possible. Are you doing it? Good. There are of course millions of combinations that could have come to mind, but if your answer was "Aretha Franklin and Ariana Grande," then congratulations, we have a winner! Your prize is that you might actually get to see this happen. Franklin teased the duet during a recent radio interview with TODAY host Hoda Kotb, and though it's tough to tell tone from a couple sentences out of context, there's a possibility that a collaboration is in the works, which would be super exciting... and also super odd. Here's what Franklin told Kotb:

I think Ariana and I are gonna duet. You like that? I think we have a hot duo going.

Eeeeee! I do like that! One possible place this could go down is on American Idol, as Franklin is the mentor for this week, and a performance with the two of them would be great for viewership. Or this could've been an offhand comment and not even close to a real thing, but regardless — I'm intrigued. These ladies seem super opposite, but apparently Grande has always cited Franklin as one of her musical idols, so it would probably be a dream come true for her. As for the rest of us, I can't stop imagining some epic mashup of Franklin's song "Respect" and something like "Problem" or "Bang Bang" from Grande.

In fact, definitely the last one, because if we're just handing out duets with Aretha Franklin, I want Nicki Minaj and Jessie J to get one too. Because how amazing would this be???