'Growing Up & Other Lies' Starring Adam Brody Exclusive Clip — "Should I Stay in New York?"

Any film starring Adam Brody is a surefire way to guarantee a particular audience will purchase tickets to the opening night screening. A hoard of teenage girls fell in love with him as quirky Seth Cohen on The O.C. , but Brody has proved himself to be a bonafide indie movie star, appearing in films like In The Land of Women (opposite Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan), and last year's Life Partners (opposite his wife — who did not play romantic interests — Leighton Meester). And now, he's back at it again, securing a role in Growing Up And Other Lies.

The film centers around Jake (Josh Lawson), a struggling New York City artist who decides he's had enough of the big city and wants to move back to his childhood home in Ohio. But on his last day in the city, he and his best friends decide to go on one last, epic adventure together across the city. But their attempt to walk the entire length of Manhattan quickly has its missteps — literally. The film, marketed as the "anti-coming-of-age comedy" also stars Wyatt Cenac, Danny Jacobs, Amber Tamblyn and Lauren Miller, and is written and directed by Humboldt County's Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs.

In this exclusive clip, we see Lawson and Tamblyn having a conversation that addresses the question: "Should I leave New York?"

Growing Up And Other Lies hits theatres and On Demand March 20th. Watch the clip below:

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Image: Embark Productions