'Girls' Song "Teenage Talk" Doesn't Disappoint — Hear The St. Vincent Track Now

If you did not change the channel or hit the STOP button on your DVR remote immediately after Sunday night’s piercing-tastic episode of Girls drew to a close, you were most handsomely rewarded: previously unreleased St. Vincent song “Teenage Talk” played as the eighth episode of Season 4's credits rolled. Back in January, the show's music supervisor Manish Raval told Billboard that a fresh St. Vincent jam would make its debut on the HBO dramedy, and I'd been patiently waiting for the song to take over my television set ever since. And woo nelly, was the wait ever worth it. Just how good is "Teenage Talk"? Well, once the song ended, my boyfriend and I more or less discussed the logistics of building a shrine in the indie rock deity's honor.

"Teenage Talk" is a sweet, wistful ditty, and its lyrics complement the episode's "Hannah kicks it with a student, stands by as she gets her frenulum stabbed" storyline without being too on-the-nose. The song has yet to be officially released, but Annie Clark fans clamoring to hear it again needn’t fret: a ripped version of “Teenage Talk” has tumbled onto Tumblr. THANK GOODNESS. This should hold all of us over until the official version of the song is available: