Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Use Instagram To Share Their Newly Married Life & Religious Beliefs

On the current season of 19 Kids and Counting, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are still in the process of planning their wedding. But in real time, the couple is enjoying their newly wedded bliss, and Ben and Jessa are sharing it all on Instagram, freed from the traditional Duggar Internet restrictions. Sure, they use it to share many of their religious views, but they also use it to put up selfies! Now, Jessa isn't living with her dozen of siblings in their Arkansas mansion anymore — she's moved in with Ben, and now they're starting their own lives alone.

There's no indication from their Instagrams that they're actively trying to have kids right away, or that Jessa is currently pregnant. So for the moment, they're just young couple who want to document every moment of their day online.

After seeing how much happier both Jessa and Jill seem now that they're married, despite their courtships feeling pretty short by non-Duggar standards, I'm rooting even harder for the rest of the siblings to get away from their parents' huge house and start their own independent lives. So I hope Jessa and Ben are enjoying this phase of their relationship. And personally, I'm enjoying their spins on the typical Instagram photos.

Foodgrams — Now With Tinier Portions!

Jessa was never that into cooking for her family. In many episodes, she'd lose her interest in sheet pans full of chicken nuggets or dinner rolls. But now, she's blowing up her Instagram with pictures of her small family dinners. It looks a lot more creative than her family's basic-by-necessity casseroles, and she even roasted an entire chicken for herself and Ben.

Wedding Pictures

The Seewalds' wedding photos were just delivered earlier this month, and they look fantastic! Jessa's dress photographed better in the professional pictures than it did on the TLC cameras, and even though they always seemed a little awkward on TV, in the pictures you can really see how much they care about one another.

Family Memories

This image from Ben's Instagram is an old military photo of his grandfather. Strangely enough, on 19 Kids and Counting we never get to hear that much about the Duggar extended family, so this is a little window into the rest of their family tree, not just the Michelle and Jim Bob branch.

Couple Photoshoots On The Beach

These two are still in their early 20s, so they look like a pair of Aeropostale models. If they pouted a little more, I can basically see them in and ad in the mall in New Jersey where I bought all of my middle school sweatshirts.

Snapshots Of Pages From The Bible

Ben loves to post snapshots from the Bible. It serves as the reminder that 1) Yes, they are still incredibly religious, despite separating slightly from the rest of the Duggar clan, and 2) book pages do not make for good photos.

Image: TLC