Will Lena Dunham & Gwyneth Paltrow Be The Next Celebrity BFFs? Here's What Their Friendship Could Look Like

Lena Dunham might be Gwyneth Paltrow's biggest fangirl. In a spontaneous display of Instagram affection, Dunham proved her undying love for GOOP with her first ever "foodgram" when she posted a photo of turkey chili made by her producing partner Jenni Konner from a recipe found in Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good. So is this the start of a Lena Dunham and Gwyneth Paltrow BFF-ship? Could be.

Dunham captioned the Instagram,

Fact: @campsucks [Konner] makes a mean turkey chili care of @gwynethpaltrow's It's All Good. This is probably the only foodgram I'll ever do- I just felt so loved. Another fact- as I took home my doggie bag Jenni joyfully yelled 'it's protein packed!'

Paltrow, who seems to be a fan of Dunham's, wrote back "that's my GIRLS!"

According to Dunham, she's been forever changed by Paltrow's truly life-affirming chili, and this could be the start of a beautiful friendship between the two."I just couldn't shut up about the chili!" Dunham later told E! "We love her so much," Konner added, "She's like the funniest, greatest girl and that cookbook... is like my bible!"

This could be the beginning of a magical friendship that is too perfect for this world. Here's what a chili fueled and sex bark-infused Dunham-Paltrow friendship would look like, and it's beautiful.

Lots of Foodgrams

The friends that foodgram together, stay together.

Dance Parties


Organic, Gluten-free Picnics

All day, every day.

Frank & Open Discussions Of Sex

Sex bark, anyone?

Admission For Paltrow Into Taylor Swift's Cool Girl Collective

Friendship with Lena Dunham undoubtedly comes with perks. As a founding member of Taylor Swift's Celebrity Girlfriends Club, Dunham can probably score Gwyneth Paltrow an invitation to Swift's exclusive circle of elegant ladies who do tea.

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