Justin Bieber's "All That Matters" Video Kind of Explains Great Wall Stunt, But Not Really

A few weeks ago, Justin Bieber was carried by bodyguards up the steps of the Great Wall of China. We weren't sure why he opted to be hoisted on the shoulders of his employees, but that didn't stop us from speculating. Had he twisted an ankle? Was he just tired? Were his mustache hairs coming in and causing his whole body to ache? Your guess was as good as ours, but now we have our answer. Justin Bieber's video for "All That Matters" was filmed on the Great Wall and an unofficial, yet still over-produced, version of the music video has been leaked online.

In it, Bieber twitches, I mean dances, along the Great Wall, hugging surprised fans as he makes his way up and down one of the world's most treasured wonders. While locking and popping, Bieber sings"All That Matters" lyrics such as, "You make me complete/ You're all that matters to me/ Yeah, yeah, what's a king bed without a queen/ There ain't no 'I' in team/ You make me complete/ You're all that matters to me."

Hmm. I bet his bodyguards would agree to disagree with the fact that there ain't no "I" in team, but I'll leave that up to them to figure out.

Check out Justin Bieber's "All that Matters" video from the Great Wall:


Image: M3llyCarter/YouTube