Tori Kelly Is Basically The New Xtina

You have to see this: On Wednesday, Tori Kelly performed her debut single, "Nobody Love," during an appearance at SiriusXM, and basically proved that she's the second coming of Christina Aguilera. I'm serious! I know it may sound like I'm exaggerating, but once you hear the 22-year-old singer-songwriter nail the epic vocal run during the bridge, you'll totally understand what I mean.

Co-written with pop maestro Max Martin, "Nobody Love" serves as the lead single from Kelly's forthcoming debut album. The song currently sits just outside the top 20 on pop radio, which is a really impressive accomplishment for a new artist.

For Wednesday's performance, Kelly changed things up a bit and swapped out the track's lively horns for a guitar. I wasn't sure about the new arrangement at first, but now, I think I might actually like it better than the original — go figure! Kelly was, as always, in top vocal form, hitting every single note with ease. It’s kind of crazy how good she is when you stop and think about it. I mean, ask yourself: How many other pop stars in the music industry today can sing LIVE like Kelly can? There are very few. Talent like hers is extremely rare.

Watch Kelly's killer performance of "Nobody Love" below.

See? I wasn't exaggerating! Vocally, Kelly was serving major Xtina vibes. Just like Aguilera, I think Kelly also has the ability to sing pretty much any genre of music — check out her YouTube covers if you don't believe me.

"Nobody Love" is available on iTunes now.