Amy Poehler's Amazing Response to Golden Globes Gig Makes The Whole Thing Even Better

Still on a high from the fact that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting the Golden Globes for not one, but two more years? Yeah, us too. So trust me when I say, this will make it even BETTER: In a statement to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Amy Poehler spoke out about the news that she'll be saving/hosting the Golden Globes again, and it's pretty much the best response ever. We'll let her tell you:

I can’t stress enough how little we will prepare until very close to the show...we’ll treat it like ‘Weekend Update’ — it’s a little SNL style and have to work backwards. We get a lot of jokes, write our own, talk bits and we work through them. You can’t really do this kind of stuff too early and you can’t over think it.

Poehler also mentioned her favorite moment from last year's show — "sitting on George Clooney's lap," — and revealed why she and Tina had decided to give it another shot through 2015:

"We had a lot of fun so we said, ‘maybe we can try it again,’ and like fools we are giving it another shot...(we’re) looking forward to understanding more of how the night goes and what works and what doesn’t. In all honesty, just setting the tone for a really fun evening. I think as a host that’s your job."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Can these two just be the hosts of everything? Better yet, just give them NBC. It'll all work out for the best.