Lil Wayne Throws Tantrum During Concert, But Let's Be Real, He Has Been Through A Lot This Week — VIDEO

Note to self and anyone seeking a job with Lil Wayne: Do not, I repeat, do not play the wrong song while he's on stage or you will cause the rapper to throw a major tantrum. On Thursday night during a concert at Nova Southeastern University, the DJ on stage played the wrong track (O.T. Genasis' "Coco"), which made Lil Wayne throw his mic and storm off stage. If you watch the video, you'll hear the rapper say, "DJ, what the f—k you doing?"

See? I told you that you'd want to take notes. Apparently, the DJ was supposed to play, most obviously, Lil Wayne's "Coco" remix from his #Sorry4TheWait2 mixtape. However, the DJ did not, which only angered the rapper. I guess someone was having a bad day, right? Maybe he was just in a sour mood, because his Miami Beach mansion was the target of a major prank on Wednesday. I mean, if someone called the police saying there was a shooting at my house, yeah, I'd be upset too.

However, that doesn't really give anyone the right to get angry and throw a tantrum and ruin a concert fans were looking forward to. We're all human, which means we all make mistakes. There's still no word if the rapper returned to finish the show, and he has yet to comment.


Can you imagine if the audience sang the wrong lyrics? I have a feeling we'd be experiencing another, but entirely different, tantrum — mic throwing included.