Lindsay Lohan's New Boyfriend Rumors Are a Tad Alarming, Considering His Age

Oprah is certainly on to something with her Lindsay Lohan reality docu-series because the life of LiLo is somehow endlessly fascinating. The gossip that surrounds the young starlet's existence is always, so... delightfully random. From the rumor that Oprah has hired Linds a "health coach" with whom she has to discuss every meal to her new mystery tattoos to everything that Dina Lohan does, the scandals basically write themselves. But this latest tidbit, that Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend is 19-year-old model Liam Dean, is a personal favorite if only because of the Page Six headline that insists her new addiction is "younger men."

After breaking up with G-list reality star and former football player Matt Nordgren a few weeks ago, Lindsay's supposedly found love with Liam and has been spotted with the youngster at soon to be passé New York City hot spot, 1Oak. (Guess she just sipped on club soda with lime?)

She was also photographed leaving Lure Fishbar in Soho with Liam — Lindsay's health coach must approve of light seafood — so clearly, she and Dean have a relationship of some sort; whether or not it's of the romantic nature is to be determined.

Lindsay, 27, is significantly older than 19 (you're welcome for that fast math right there) and if we're going to judge from some of his modeling shots, he doesn't even look old enough to attend freshman prom. Her rep has called the reports that Lindsay and Liam are an item "completely false," but didn't care to shed any light on the fact that they are obviously hanging out.

Who knows what these two are up to, but here's hoping Oprah's cameras have been there to capture every moment of Lindsay and Liam's time together. We have a feeling this boyfriend rumor will be over sooner rather than later, but can we make LiLi a nickname for them in the meantime? Cool.