Why Not Having Sex Can Be A Good Thing

Stuck in a no-sex rut? Here are surprising reasons why it may be a good thing.

We live in a society that has us believe that if we're not getting any, then our life is a failure. OK, that might be dramatic. But if you're not getting laid your friends often look at you with pity in their eyes, as they try to console you with promises that you'll have sex again, someday, even if that someday is five years from now.

Whether you're abstinent by choice or because you're stuck in a no-sex rut, the US National Library of Medicine says it's part of a normal pattern of life. And, to the relief of singles everywhere, "not associated with adverse health behaviours."

While the health benefits of having sex can't be denied — it's great for your heart! It makes you look younger! You'll live longer! — truth be told, there are actually some benefits to NOT having sex.

Just like being single has its perks. Not only does all that alone time help you in ways you never expected, but that dry spell, the one you keep lamenting over, is actually pretty beneficial, too.

1. Your Body Becomes StrongerAccording to those who practice Brahmacharya (celibacy of their own accord), sexual impulses make the body become weak. They even believe that all diseases in the body can be attributed to giving in to these sexual impulses. So, based on this, you can avoid all types of ailments, maybe even the flu this season!

2. Your Self-Worth Will SkyrocketA lot of people struggle with body image and self-worth, especially when it comes to the opinions of others. Once you remove those "others" from the situation, you'll find that your insecurities will be less, and you'll learn to love yourself on your terms.

3. You're More Likely To Stay TrimBetween the killer workouts and the fact that you're no longer binge-eating with your partner on the couch, as we already pointed out, your dry spell is going to get your body in gear.

4. You'll Learn How To Please YourselfIf we're to be completely honest, a dry spell is probably going to lead to masturbation, and lots of it. In learning to sexually please ourselves, it will make for even greater sexual experiences with someone else once that dry spell gets some water on it.

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