'Sharknado 3' Title & Release Date Will Make You Scream, "Oh Hell No!"

There's no doubt that Sharknado knows its audience and is ready to embrace the insane campiness of the franchise. SyFy announced Sharknado 3 's title and release date, and it's so tongue in cheek — or maybe we should say teeth in cheek? — that you may not even believe it. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! will air on July 22 at 9 p.m. ET on SyFy, starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, of course. "We wanted this third title to boldly go where no shark movie has gone before," explained Chris Regina, Syfy's SVP, Program Strategy. He adds that the title "embraces the larger-than-life irreverence that has made these movies so popular and entertaining."

Although the film's production team has been on strike since March 3, the movie is still moving full swim ahead. It will be set in Washington, D.C. and Florida and feature plenty of ridiculous cameos ranging from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban as the President of the United States and Ann Coulter as his VP to *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick playing a pool lifeguard and Jerry Springer as a tourist. Former Congresswoman and GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann will also play herself, and who knows — even more announcements may having us screaming, "Oh, hell no!" as Sharknado 3 continues shooting.