'Once Upon A Time' Friendships That Need To Make A Comeback, From Snow & Red to Hook & Neal — PHOTOS

No one is ever safe in Storybrooke, and many Once Upon a Time characters have died or disappeared without a trace over the past four seasons. Although the romantic relationships that were lost — like Robin Hood and Regina and Emma and Neal — were the most difficult to cope with, MIA friendships are equally as tough to mourn.

With the return of August Booth, there's still a chance for some characters to come back from the dead or resurface in some way. Here are seven OUAT friendships that we miss, including one that could have been more than just a BFF relationship if it wasn't unrequited love.

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Snow White & Ariel

Like all friendships on OUAT, things got a little crazy for Snow White and Ariel, but they have a strong bond that could easily come back in Storybrooke.

Mulan & Aurora

These two could have been in love, but Aurora had to go and get pregnant. The unrequited love story is one thing, but above all else, they had such a strong friendship. They need to bring it back.

Neal & Hook

In spite of a very dramatic reunion and the awkwardness of Hook dating Emma (even though he offered to back off), Neal and Hook were friends ‘til the end. Neal should be brought back somehow, even just for friendship with Hook since I don’t want Hook and Emma to break up again.

Snow White & Red Riding Hood

In both the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, Snow and Red were the best. Mary Margaret could use someone to lean on once in a while, and Red understands her past. So many adventures together.

Emma & Elsa

This friendship was short-lived and traumatic thanks to the Snow Queen, but Emma and Elsa were alike and helped each other cope with their problems. If Elsa had stuck around, I could see her and Emma actually treating each other like sisters.

Ariel & Belle

The friends who get kidnapped together, stay together. Belle could really use some girl talk now that she’s with Will Scarlet. She’ll especially need it if and when she finds out Rumple is back in town.

Regina & Tinker Bell

Sure, they went through some really rough times, but Tink was the one who tried to make Regina believe in love. If only Regina and Robin really got together way back then, things could be different. Either way, we could use Tinker Bell back, even though actress Rose McIver is busy with iZombie .