When Does 'Broad City' Season 3 Start? Prepare Yourself Because It's Going To Be A Long Wait

Well we've got a good news, bad news sitch on our hands. Good news, Broad City is indeed returning for a third season, so celebrate accordingly. Bad news, it's going to be a long wait until Broad City Season 3 starts. Technically, we don't know the exact date the show will return, but from the looks of when Season 1 and Season 2 premiered and ended, the precedent has been set and it is not in our favor. It's OK to cry. [UPDATE: Broad City will return Feb. 17.]

Broad City, which follows two friends through their very average — albeit, often bizarre— lives (how many people go to dog weddings?!), premieres it's Season 2 finale on March 18. After the finale, fans of the show are left with streaming it online and On Demand, and while the situation could be worse, it's not ideal because I want new episodes now.

Let's look at the precedent we have set by Broad City seasons past to judge when Season 3 will premiere. Season 1 of the show premiered Jan. 22 and ended March 26. Season 2 of Broad City, like its first season, premiered Jan. 14 and as mentioned earlier, will conclude March 18. ARE YOU SEEING THIS TRAGEDY OF A TREND?

So it looks like if everything goes as planned, we might not see Season 3 of Broad City until January 2016. That's a terrifyingly long time to wait, you guys. Do you know how much can change by January 2016? We'll be going through another terrible winter when the new season comes back, it's just not fair! If this news is giving you a lot of feelings, know you are not alone, it's OK if you're mind is working something like this.

Complete Denial

Because This Sucks

Like, Why Would The Do This?

It Can't Be Happening

We've All Been Blindsided

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