Watch 'Avengers' In The 'Friends' Opening Credits & Find Out Which Central Perk Fave Each Super Hero Would Be — VIDEO

When The Avengers meets the Friends opening credits, magic happens. Instead of Monica, Rachel, and the rest of the gang splashing around in the water together, we see the Marvel characters doing what they do best. "So no one told you (superhero) life was gonna be this way?" is how the song should have been retooled for them. (Clap-clap-clap-clap.) Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Hulk, and Captain America are all part of the recreation, but there's also a bonus character thrown in: Nick Fury. Since the gang is a core group of six on Friends and there are six Avengers, it must mean that Samuel L. Jackson is the Gunther of it all, right?

Based on the personalities of everyone involved, there's a pretty simple breakdown to which friend would be which Avenger. Unfortunately, there is only one woman in the superhero franchise and the Black Widow is obviously Rachel, so let's just pretend lady Iron Man is Monica for being strongheaded and taking charge; The Hulk is Chandler for being a little bit of an outcast at times, but super smart and dependable; Captain America is Ross for being sweet and standing up for the little people; Thor is Joey since he's the prettiest and makes some bad, reckless decisions; and lady Hawkeye is Phoebe because they are both super confident and always crack jokes at the wrong time.

Image: Marvel/YouTube