Jenna Dewan-Tatum Shares Adorable Photo Of Her Daughter & She's Clearly Taking After Her Famous Parents — PHOTO

It's official: Jenna and Channing have a super cute kid. Did you really expect anything less? On Saturday, Jenna Dewan-Tatum shared a photo of daughter, Everly, working out with her. First, yes, it's adorable. Second, as you can see in the photo below, Everly stretches out right beside her mom as Jenna prepares to run up and down a hill (she did all this while I sat on my couch and caught up on TV). The photo caption reads:

So @Reebok challenged me to #getpumped and run this hill 10x on a sat morning...buuuut I had a lil helper too.

I have to say that Everly did a wonderful job helping out her mom. What makes a weekend workout better than having a cutie patootie encouraging you?

Seeing as Everly assists her mom when it comes to fitness, what other fun activities do you think the Tatum family does together? There's no doubt that Jenna and Channing are one talented couple who can do no wrong (at least in my eyes), so when it comes to their daughter, you know they're teaching her all kinds of valuable life lessons and, of course, enjoying all kinds of important and fun activities with her.

With that said, here are a few other activities Everly, Jenna, and Channing probably do together as like the perfect Hollywood family that they are.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Does this really need an explanation?

Go To The Movies

Jenna and Channing totally share their love of arts and entertainment with Everly. Of course, they keep it PG. No Magic Mike for Everly, yet — though I'm not sure she'll ever want to watch her dad strip...

Play With Their Pets

Seeing as Jenna is a huge animal lover, there's no doubt they all bask in the glory of animals, including their very own pets.

Give Back To Important Causes

The Tatums are a charitable family as evidenced by the time they did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Clearly, they want Everly to show love and kindness to those in need.

Everly, you are one lucky little girl.

Images: kaysombrero/Tumblr; Giphy (2)