6 Horrible Feelings You Have When You're Forced To Give Up A Pet

The fact is, no good can come of giving up a pet. As someone who has had to give up a cat because of circumstances beyond my control, I can tell you: it's heart wrenching. It's like a terrible break-up that you don't really want but can't avoid, and it feels like there's nothing you can do to make it right. Your pet is your best bud. The little guy waiting by the door for you at the end of the day, nudging you in the middle of the night shouting "play with me!" when all you're trying to do is sleep, purring on your lap when you're hanging out watching TV. Your pet doesn't talk back (and is just adorable when they're naughty so it's always hard to be mad for too long) and it loves you unconditionally.

When you're forced to say good bye to your animal BFF, it's a flood of confused emotions. It's likely that you don't want to give up your little bud, but you might have to because you find yourself moving to another city/country, suddenly struck with allergies, or for any other unexpected reason that is fated to keep you apart. When that happens, you'll probably be devastated. There's nothing like losing the one you love to devastate you, right? Here are six very real feelings you'll have as you prepare to give up, and finally bid adieu, to your beloved pet:

1. Fear

Worrying about how you'll cope, who will keep you company, and what you'll do without your pet around is a very real fear. Also worrying what will become of your new pet is gut wrenching. Will their new family love them as much as they should? Will they be safe and happy in their new home? You're like a parent sending your child off to college (but college where you may never see them again, so worse), and fear of what will become of both you and them will keep you awake at night.

2. Sadness

Sadness will also grip you. You'll become melancholy at the thought of life with your animal friend, and when it finally goes to its new home, your sadness will only intensify. It's the same as ending a relationship with a human. You'll cry and drink wine from the bottle and reminisce about the good times.

3. Denial

When I had to give up my kitty, I would come home at the end of the day expecting him to be there when I opened the door. But he wasn't. Likewise, when I got up in the night to pee, I'd brace for him to pounce out from under the couch in the darkness. But he didn't. Once your pet is gone, it will be really hard to match your mentality to their absence. Your brain switches to denial mode, unable to accept that your animal bud isn't there any more, and tricking you into thinking they are.

4. Loneliness

The loneliness will set in hard and fast. Everything from watching Netflix to brushing your teeth will feel lonely. Where your pet used to be on your lap or at your ankles, there's just blank space, and it will make you feel utterly alone.

5. Depression

Once the sadness permeates, you'll start to feel depressed. Where there used to be cuteness and cuddles and hugs, there's nothing. There's no purring, no yipping, nothing. Just you on your own again. While you'll be distracted with work and friends and things outside the home, when it comes to having the comfort of your pet friend, you'll be at a loss. Being home alone will be a depressing feeling, especially where there used to be so much love. See above: it's just like breaking off a human relationship.

6. Regret

A day wont probably go by where you don't think to yourself, "Maybe there was another way!" You'll always regret letting your buddy go, because you'll always love them, and always miss them. Unfortunately though, that's sometimes how life plays out. All you can do is hope that one day you'll meet another little animal friend who will be your forever pal.

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