What To Wear To An Ariana Grande Concert For Her Honeymoon Tour (Cat Ears Not Required, But Highly Encouraged)

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It's spring 2015, and Ariana Grande's Honeymoon Tour is in full swing. If you've been lucky enough to scoop up some tickets, you know what that means — it's time to whip out the cat ears and ponytails. Ariana Grande has the miraculous ability to take an affinity for crop tops, tiny bottoms, and feline accessories and still manage to strike an enviable balance between cute and sexy. While her performance ensembles are obviously way more exaggerated, her everyday aesthetic totally carries the same playfulness.

Like most young artists, Ariana Grande has gone through a pretty notable style evolution as she's grown up. Her flippy floral dresses and side bangs have taken a backseat to more sophisticated silhouettes and darker colors without losing that youthful whimsy that makes her stand out time and again. Here are 9 looks to inspire your own concert outfit, so you'll have one less problem getting ready.

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