Pizza Tacos By Oh Bite It Are About To Change The Way You Look At Your Two Favorite Foods Forever — Get The Easy Three-Step Recipe

Sometimes I get these weird ideas that just pop into my head... I can't help it! But when it happens (which is all the time), I have to bring them to life. I’m left with no choice — I could very well go crazy if I don’t do it. And just in case you were wondering, this recipe for pizza tacos was one of those ideas.

I just thought it would be fun to create a crispy, crunchy taco-style pizza that would be unique, delicious, and super fun to eat. If anything, these are a cute conversation starter, and the WOW factor is huge. You can choose any variety of pizza you'd like, and you literally fold it, and shallow fry it. They're stupid easy — and crazy delicious.

The crust gets so amazingly crispy and yummy, and that melty, cheesy, pizza-stuffed filling is unreal. You will hear so many "ooohs" and "aahhs" (coming from yourself) that you'll be the star of your snack show for the entire day. Serve them with some ranch or marinara for dipping... yum! They couldn't be any easier. Make a huge and fast batch of these, grab that awesome spot on the couch (you know the one), turn on Netflix, and settle in!

What You'll Need:

  • Small frozen pizza (like Totino's)
  • Oil for shallow frying (I used Canola)
  • Ranch and/or marinara for dipping


1. Defrost the pizza (they don't have to be all the way defrosted, but foldable)

2. Gently fold them in half.

3. Add about 2" of oil to a fry pan, and fry them up evenly on both sides until they're golden, melty, and crispy. Serve them up nice and warm, grab one for you, and dig into the best pizza taco ever. Enjoy!

Images: Oh Bite It