9 Nick Jonas Pictures That Prove He Had An Awesome Time Hosting The Kid's Choice Awards — PHOTOS

Somehow, someway, for some reason, Nick Jonas grew up, cut off all his adorable curls and became a man. And, a successful one at that. So successful, in fact, that Jonas was chosen to host the Kid's Choice Awards this past Saturday night. To prove that he hasn’t lost his boyish spirit in the interim of his journey to adulthood, the KCA's hosting job was not something Jonas took lightly. And by that I mean he was positively tickled to be and act like one of the kids again, which included posting to his Instagram to document the event like mad.

Let me tell you, it looks like Jonas had a rip roaring time for himself. Admittedly, If I hosted I’d have it in my contract that I’d need to be 200ft away from slime at all times. Thankfully, Jonas is nothing like me. The singer was far more lax and totally into the silliness and messiness of the day and that’s a good thing, because there was a whole lot. Besides, he got to hang out with some pretty cool people in the process. If you want to see Jonas’s perspective of the beloved awards show, check out the pictures below.

To start off the day of the hallowed event, he posted this fancy Microsoft Word-esque sign of his name

Obv, there was documentation of his epic sliming

And post-slime activities

He posted evidence that he casually hung out with Hollywood royalty

He posted a collage of performance candids

He also had some bro time... or, uh, grandma time?

And the best picture possibly in the history of the universe: When Sarah Hyland was the Sarah Jessica Parker to Jonas's Tom Hanks