NSA Headquarters' Gate In Fort Meade, Maryland Was Just Rammed By A Car And The Perpetrators Shot

On Monday morning, two men tried to ram the National Security Agency headquarters' gate in Fort Meade, Maryland, and were subsequently shot by on-site police. One man was killed, reports CNN, and a second wounded. According to Reuters, security officials are clear that the men's motive wasn't terrorism-related, but it isn't known what that motive was. The accused were wearing women's clothes at the time of the incident.

In a statement, White House press secretary Eric Schultz said: "The President has been briefed on this morning's incident at the National Security Agency and will be updated as appropriate."

According to CNN, the gate the men's vehicle rammed into wasn't close to the actual headquarters of the NSA — instead, it was a gate relatively far away from the NSA's central buildings. Overhead photos of the scene show a beat-up white van missing its hood, with the word "POLICE" apparently visible on one side. An injured person was photographed being transferred into an ambulance, apparently in uniform.

Police are investigating the incident, and Reuters reports that investigators believe thus far that the incident was a local matter. The FBI is working with Maryland police to determine whether federal charges will be brought against the perpetrators, the agency said in a statement.