Lexi Davila Is Stolen By Christina Aguilera In 'The Voice' Knockouts — Adam Levine Made A Dumb Choice Letting Her Go

Anything could happen in The Voice Knockout Rounds — and it did. Joshua Davis and Lexi Davila battled for the final spot on Team Adam heading into the live playoffs in one of the most intense Knockout Rounds of the season. Both artists nailed their performances and made the decision nearly impossible for Coach Adam Levine. In the end, he decided Davis' performance of "In the Arms of a Woman" was more worthy of a spot in the lives and Davila was cast off. But thankfully Levine made the dumbest move of the season because Christina Aguilera stole Davila — the duo will be a tough pair to beat going in the live playoffs.

Davila shocked the judges with her unreal performance of "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding. Her belt was amazing and her runs brought Pharrell to his feet. Her stage presence lacked compared to Davis', but that's due to her age and lack of experience. She can overcome her awkwardness with a little expert coaching. Other than her somewhat wavering confidence, Davila delivered an unbeatable performance. Unfortunately for him, Levine disagreed. But Davila is better off after getting stolen. The high school junior will be at home on Team Christina. Aguilera will help Davila fine-tune her powerhouse vocals and teach her to be more confident on stage.

Aguilera already has a strong team, but Davila will really put her over the edge. Because she's so young, Davila will be open to Aguilera's suggestions and be able to grow more than her more experienced teammates. This will put Davila in a position to edge out her competition and really make it far in this game. She's also young and fresh, which will appeal to the viewer's at home. Davila's the total package, and Aguilera was smart to recognize that. Watch out Levine, because Davila will take the live playoffs by storm and Team Adam isn't strong enough to handle her.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC