Watch 'Parethood's Sarah Braverman Ruin This Poor Man's Bathroom

We've talked before about our complicated (though thoroughly affectionate) relationship with Sarah Braverman, and our desire to see her character grow and be met with solid opportunities. We don't really know how this clip from this week's Parenthood , in which Sarah attempts to fix a tenant's toilet, fits in with those goals of ours. But hey, it's cute.

It helps that the tenant in question is the dishy Carl, whom we've only met once before and who is played by Drop Dead Diva's Josh Stamberg. Carl mentioned off-hand in our first meeting of him that he "doesn't date women over 40," but we have a feeling his proximity to Lauren Graham's Sarah Braverman will change that for at least a little while.

The scene (which you can see below) is pretty classic Sarah: Tackling a problem head-on and with relative confidence, rambling and stumbling a little, then catastrophe. But cute catastrophe! Given the promo for this week's episode (called "Let's Be Mad Together"), it'll probably be one of the cute moments in between the crying and the marital DRAHMA.

What drama, you ask? Well, there's Ryan's purported "confession" of why the hell he's always so hesitant/upset when the subject of his past and his family comes up, and there's some serious fighting going on between Joel and Julia — we just hope it's not enough to make Joel forget that beautiful "I will never cheat on you" scene from Season 1.