Arcade Fire Has Released Another New Song & It's Excellent

The more songs I hear off this album, the more I'm convinced that it's going to rival Funeral for best Arcade Fire album ever. Decide for yourself: Today on BBC1, Arcade Fire debuted a new single "Afterlife," which is off their upcoming album Reflektor.

It's totally unlike what we've already heard off the the album, like the first single (also titled "Reflektor") but it's classic Arcade Fire. As is the trend these days, the song is slightly '80s inspired, but only slightly — overall, it's an upbeat dance track that would fit perfectly in an episode of Girls, or maybe some indie movie starring Kat Dennings with a Michael Cera cameo.

In fact, as Consequence of Sound points out, it kind of sounds like a track from New Order's early days. The lyrics are fairly simple: "Can we work it out/ scream and shout/ 'till we work it out," Win Butler croons, "afterlife/ I think I saw what happens next."

You can check out "Afterlife" below. That's not all the good news, though — the band's new album Reflektor is set to be released on Oct. 29, so we all won't have to wait much longer to hear the rest of what's sure to be another masterpiece.