Father Accidentally Eats His Teenage Daughter's Pot Brownies, Thinks He's Having A Stroke

When a 58 year-old Michigan man thought he was having a stroke one evening after eating a few brownies his teenage daughter had baked the night before (I think we know where this is going, but he didn't), he called emergency services. After firefighters and deputies arrived at the house, the 17-year-old girl admitted that the brownies were, umm, herbally enhanced. The daughter was busted for making pot brownies, which she apparently stupidly just left out where any member of her family could swipe a few. Girlfriend, look at your life. Look at your choices. What kind of teenager is so casual with their weed? Come on, now.

The father was taken to the hospital and the remaining brownies were taken to a lab "for analysis." (I'm sure it was totally for "analysis" and not at all for the after-hours enjoyment of the technicians.) No word yet as to whether the girl will be charged with anything, and I sincerely hope she isn't, because this hilarious snafu is not something the legal system needs to tie itself up with, in my humble opinion. Although honey, for real, let's talk about where you need to hide your pot brownies in the future, because this entire kerfuffle is just something that could have been avoided with even the tiniest bit of forethought. But, I mean, we get it: you're young and likely high. Hard to think rationally. The point is, you do not want for options when it comes to hiding your brownies from your dad:

In a backpack

Don't all the kids today love their backpacks? I'm old. I don't know what the Youths do.

Under a salad

Nobody ever snacks on salad.

In your Caboodles

I sincerely hope all teenage girls still have these.

And finally...

In your mouth, for goodness sake! Eat those suckers with your friends as soon as they come out of the oven. Who just leaves "extra" pot brownies lying around? Wasteful kids today.

Images: Vegan Feast Catering/Flickr; Giphy(4)