8 Things You Forgot About 'The 100' Pilot, From Catchphrases To A Very Different Bellamy

Returning to the very first episode of any show is rip-roaring good time. Why? Because, as is the case with the pilot episode of The 100 , no one was sure how long the show would last, so everyone is just trying to draw viewers in as the actors get used to playing these new characters. The ride is a bumpy one, but still really exciting. Plus, when you go back to the very first episode of The 100 after watching what came next, you'll find thematic Easter eggs hidden in dialogue, which would later turn into major storylines.

In The 100, these barely legal youths have seen some serious stuff in their short time on the ground. We know them now as jaded, cold warriors. But when the drop ship first crashed in the forest, these kids were naive, relatively clean, and psyched to live in a new place with no rules. Some of them were completely different than they are now (Clarke and Bellamy), very few have stayed exactly the same (Murphy, you jerk), and most of them are dead. What are we even down to now, 30 people? Here are some forgotten gems from the pilot episode of The 100.

1. Clarke Is An Artist

I can recall a time when she was a leader and a healer, because she was the only one on the ground who knew anything about medicine. But seeing her draw beautiful pictures in her cell completely caught me off guard. The girl can draw. Maybe she will again soon.

2. Oh Yeah, Wells...

His name has been mentioned, of course, but he really didn't get much time on Earth before he was killed by little Charlotte. It's weird seeing him as someone who was so close to Clarke, because she's seen so much tragedy since then it's almost like Wells never existed.

3. Abby Had A BFF, & Kane Had A GF?

Who is this woman named Cece that's hugging Abby as she gets hauled off to her execution? And she's dating Kane too? Why did we never see her again?

4. Kane Was A Villain

It was Kane versus Jaha, Abby, and everyone on the Ark. It seems like The 100 wanted him to be the bad guy, but not long after the pilot, he softened up to a loyal team player.

5. Octavia Has Always Been Fearless

She was SUPER obnoxious, but fearless nonetheless. She jumped right into that lake without any hesitation. And yes, she almost got swallowed by that giant swamp snake, but that didn't stop her from living each day courageously.

6. Bellamy Was Kind Of A Jerk, But Still Lovable

Ugh, he was so mean! It hurts my heart a little to see him behave like this, but his love for his sister, Octavia, gave the viewers a taste of the protective side that we're all currently swooning over today. #TeamBellarke

7. That Freakin' Two-Headed Deer

It was surprisingly terrifying for a living animal in the woods. That second head (from radiation exposure) was bloody and droopy and almost looked partially inside out. Hello, nightmares.

8. Their Motto Was Cheesy & Terrible

"Whatever the hell we want." Remember that? I mean, it's a perfect motto for a bunch of rebellious teens, but yelling it as a chant sounded forced and clunky. Luckily, it didn't last long.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy (8)