This Little Kid Gets Down And Dances While Doing His Chores When He Thinks No One Is Watching — VIDEO

When life gives you lemons, dance to Michael Jackson. That's what this kid did, as he was secretly taped dancing while he was loading the dishwasher, I'm guessing post dinner. The caption to the video reads: "Kid has fun doing chores", which seems blatantly misleading. The kid is having fun dancing. Who knows how he feels about the chore. Obviously, everything is better with dancing, and this kid has cottoned on early that cleaning is always much more bearable when coupled with a side of dedicated, reckless, whole body dancing.

My weapon of choice while cleaning is usually one of the B.S.s (Britney Spears or Bruce Springsteen), because "Toxic" and "Born To Run" make life better, even if you're elbows-deep in toilet cleaning. This kid is into a bit of "Smooth Criminal", which is fine in my book, not in the least because this little guy has some serious MOVES. And by "moves" I mean "Ellen should get him on her show to wow the world with his expressive dancing." Because, by now, we can all agree that the pinnacle of kid dancing is being showcased on Ellen. LOOK HOW GLORIOUS:

Watch the full video below. You will not be disappointed.

Meanwhile, this isn't the only kid out there crushing his chores with the power of music. Shout out to all the little guys and gals out there putting in the hard work and keeping it real. Here are a few more clean cuties:

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Images: David D/Flickr