Milla Jovovich Gives Birth To Her Second Daughter & Chooses Another Excellent, Gender-Neutral Name

Hey make some time at some point today to go congratulate Milla Jovovich. You see, Jovovich gave birth to her second child Wednesday morning. Once you've finished marveling at the fact that she pushed a literal human out of her body, maybe give her husband Paul W.S. Anderson a call and extend some congrats to him as well, for his involvement in this whole situation. The two of them have been married since 2009, after meeting on the set of Resident Evil in 2002, and they already have one child together, a 7-year old daughter named Ever Gabo Anderson. And with an adorable name like that, you're probably wondering what they rustled up for this new bundle of joy as well. I could give you a hint and tell you that it's a girl, but that probably wouldn't help you. Jovovich and Anderson chose what is traditionally a male name for her, and I kind of love it: Dashiel.

Isn't that great? You better sleep with one eye open on your gender-neutral name throne, James Reynolds, because, as of early Tuesday morning, Dashiel Anderson is in town. Here's the statement that Jovovich's rep delivered to E! News today:

Ah yes, cuddle mode! I'm familiar with it, although my sessions are limited to body pillows since I don't have an adorable newborn in the house. Jovovich was originally due to give birth a few days ago, on Mar. 29, and had mentioned on Facebook that she was packed and ready to go whenever it was time to deliver, so we imagine she's happy to have Dashiel out and about, and for her family to have grown by one member.

Congratulations to the Anderson-Jovovich family, and we can't wait for our first glimpse of baby Dashiel!