See Charlotte Olympia's Latest Must-Have Shoe

It's no secret that Charlotte Olympia creates some of the coolest shoes around — and you know what else is no secret? The fact that customization is everywhere — think of Anya Hindmarch's wildly popular leather stickers, the Kate Moss/Cara Delevingne-fronted My Burberry fragrance, and Kara Ross' recent My PURSEonality collection... anyway, I think you can guess where this is going. Yep, stop the presses, because Charlotte Olympia is now offering customizable shoes.

Although I'm not in a place right now where I can afford $600-plus shoes, I still like to watch Charlotte Olympia's latest creations from the sidelines. I mean, her Valentine's Day capsule collection? Her near-iconic kitty flats (which, by the way, now come in slipper form)? Her general avant-garde craziness? It's all very covetable stuff. Safe to say her latest offerings are no exception.

Dubbed the ABC Flats, each pair of shoes comes with a set of 52 leather stickers — each letter of the alphabet and a corresponding image (such as "C for Champagne," "K for Kitty," and "D for Diamond," etc). Since the stickers are non-transferrable, each set also comes with an adorably-illustrated guidebook on how to best accessorize your new shoes. Let's take a look:

What would you put on yours? Would you go traditional with some monograms paired with their alphabetized patches? Or would you get creative with mixing and matching to your heart's content? I'm personally a fan of the heart and the kitty cat paired together.

One cool feature of these shoes, is that you'll still have around 50 patches left over once you're done creating your personalized leather loafers... so the possibilities really are endless.

Images: netaporter/Instagram; Charlotte Olympia